King Soopers Weekly Ad Preview: (May 15 - May 21 2024)

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King Soopers Weekly Ad Preview: (May 15 - May 21 2024)
King Soopers Weekly Ad Preview: (May 15 - May 21 2024)
King Soopers Weekly Ad Preview: (May 15 - May 21 2024)
King Soopers Weekly Ad Preview: (May 15 - May 21 2024)

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King Soopers' Weekly Ad!

When you need to save money, King Soopers has the perfect solution. Get every week's best deals on food and drinks in the King Soopers Weekly Ad! From meat and produce to snacks and drinks, you'll find all the discounts you need for your family.

King Soopers, a subsidiary of Kroger, is a regional grocery chain in the Rocky Mountain region of the United States. The company offers a variety of ways to save money on groceries, including a weekly ad showcasing sale items.

Looking to save some money on groceries? Check out the weekly ad from King Soopers! You'll find great deals on everything from produce to meat to household items. So take a look and see how much you can save!

Many stores advertise a great sale on a particular product, and the only way to get the discount is by purchasing a full case of the product. For example, you might see a great price on a new type of dog food, but you will only get that price if you buy a case. This works out to be about $4/pound for the food. At Sam’s Club, the same dog food will be about $2/pound, or about half the price. Take advantage of the “Just For You” deals. These deals are usually displayed in the store in a very prominent place. If you don’t always make it to the store, fear not. Mint has a handy guide on how to make sure you never miss a sale. You can also save a lot of money by purchasing some items in bulk at King Sooper’s grocery store. Many times, this can not only save you money but also make the shopping experience more enjoyable.

How to Get the Most Out of King Sooper's Weekly Ads

While King Sooper’s weekly circular often provide a substantial discount, you want to make sure you get the most out of each one.

Customer Testimonals

  • I am always shopping at King Soopers grocery store because it is the best grocery store in Colorado. I never have to worry about high prices and I always find what I need. The weekly ads are great as well, not only do you know what is on sale that week, but you know the promotions the store is running!
  • In my opinion, the King Soopers grocery store is the best out there. I always go to their website to see what's in their weekly ad. They have a two-page newsletter and everything is laid out really nicely so I can find what I need quickly and efficiently. Plus, the weekly ad is updated every Monday with all of the sales for the week.
  • I love King Soopers. I always know what's on sale, and I know for a fact that it's the cheapest place to buy groceries in town. Plus, the lines are never too long which is great when you have three kids that need to eat before hitting the playground!


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  • Desire :We publish King Soopers weekly ads every Monday, so you know what's on sale this week. Shop from brands you like and can't live without, find the perfect cut of meat and the freshest produce
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